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Grow your wealth using portfolios curated by machines

Upside AI vs Human Experts

Completely Calm Investing
We eliminate human bias, so our calls are not based on market panic or euphoria

Make Technology your Money Manager
Upside AI scans the entire stock market 50 million times discovering the best investment ideas for you

Focus on Fundamentals
Our algorithms intelligently learn how great companies are built by focusing on their business performance

We Evolve as Markets Change
We look for companies that are not only good businesses but also in-demand stocks

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    Over 25 Years of Combined Work Experience in Investing and Technology

    We started Upside AI on the belief that technology will make better investing decisions than humans over the long term. This is because machines are unbiased, unemotional and unaffected by market euphoria and panic.

    Our mission is to bring the most sophisticated investing technology to you and maximize your upside.

    We are a SEBI registered portfolio manager and invest for domestic and foreign investors in Indian equities.